Building Links Through Press Releases

Building Links Through Press Releases
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One of the biggest ways to ensure that your site is SEO friendly is through link building. Link building can be the difference between enormous traffic and a ghost town. Creating press releases is one of the best ways to build quality backlinks. There are two main ways how press releases can help you along with your link building potential.

The first way to go about getting backlinks is through acquiring links from quality sites. This can be done by a variety of means. Some already established websites offer a fee to get your link on their site, allowing you to drive traffic. Other times a website or blog will simply stumble upon your site and will link to it. The best way to make that happen is by continuously providing quality information on your website – information that people would be willing to share.

Another way to acquire backlinks through press releases is to earn links through sites that have found you through press releases. This can be done by composing a high quality press release, and submitting it. Here is a quick overview of the steps of writing a concrete release:

  • Define your keyword – Be sure to find one keyword that you’re attempting to rank. We recommend using Google Keyword External to determine which keyword is receiving the best traffic.
  • Incorporate Keyword – The keyword should ideally be used at least four times throughout the article.
  • Think About Hyperlinks – ALWAYS hyperlink through your keyword directly rather than not. An example of what not to do would be to include a ‘click here’ button on your page instead of taking advantage of a keyword hyperlink.
  • Always Distribute Widely – On occasion, there will be websites that do not allow duplicates, for these situations it’s advisable to submit to those websites first. It may also be helpful to change the verbiage of your release to avoid such issues.

These two ways will help you to optimize your backlinks through press releases. Aside from gaining links, press releases will allow you to establish your business better and credibility. They will keep both your competitors and customers up to date on the industry and your business/website. Additionally, it will create a better brand awareness and gain you a following, which in turn, provides you with more traffic.

Press releases are a very cost efficient way to gain traffic, gather inbound links, and get your website being talked about.

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