Top Tips For Effective Email Marketing

When it comes to email marketing there are several ways you can go about getting it done well.  You’ll want to make sure to do as much as you can to educate yourself on what will benefit your company and what will look great in an email.  One important aspect of email marketing is to make sure that your letters don’t look like spam.  How do you do this?

First of all, make sure you aren’t sending them all the time.  Companies that send emails every day or several times a day will soon have people start to compare those letters to spam.  Next, you want to make sure you provide something of value to your clients in every email.  This can be in the form of news, sales or coupons.  Another way to keep your email from looking like spam is to make sure that you have high quality names on the list that have all opted-in to your mailing program.

There are several ways to get quality opt-ins for your email list.  A few of these include:

Offline Promotions

If you travel to trade shows you’ll have a chance to get new names on your email list.  The benefit is that the people who are signing up for it will have wanted to get those newsletters you’re sending out.  You can also sign people up if you have a store front by keeping their email current and letting them know you won’t be selling it off to other businesses.

Professional Subscription Forms

Make sure that any area you have a subscription form is as professional as you can make it.  This will help encourage new names to want to join your list and hear all about what you have available and what the latest happenings are with your business.

Tie It In To Your Social Media

Another great way to get qualified opt-ins is to tie it into your social media.  If you have a Twitter and Facebook page this is where you would start.  If you don’t have one it’s a great time to work on getting that set up. 

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