Why Sharing Photos Can Boost Your Sales

When it comes to social media marketing it can be easy to get lost on where to start and how to proceed. If you’re one of the business that falls into the above category, there’s a good chance you have sent out some emails or set up a Twitter and Facebook account. You may even have a hundred or so ‘likes’ and ‘followers.’ There’s also a good shot you don’t know how to precede from here and what to do to effectively utilize what you have already implemented. One of the first things you need to consider is your images. There are many reasons you need to have visuals working with your social media marketing.

Consider These Facts:

• People are driven by the visual.
• Most people generally feel more connected to what they can see rather than just what they read.
• Most report having a hard time trusting things found online unless they can connect with a picture.

For Product Visuals

There are many who are very hesitant to buy a product they haven’t seen. These same people may not even want to contact a company or go to a store to inquire about a product if they haven’t first received a visual of it. For this reason, high quality pictures from a few angles can help to display your product and increase your sales.

Personal Connections

If you don’t have products per say, but are more of a service driven business having pictures of those who are behind the sales, the work and the team can help to put a face to your company. People like to deal with other people when they are making a business transaction and this means they like to know about these people and put a face to the name.

People Are Attracted To Content And Visuals

If you have stumbled on a page or Facebook account that was empty of pictures and visuals you probably moved on quickly. Likewise, your potential clients will do the same thing if they happen to visit your site and notice there are no visuals to go with everything that’s written.

If you are unsure of what to post for photos or content to market online you should contact Transformational Outsourcing to brainstorm about the direction your business needs to head.

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