Five Ways to Drive Your Press Release

Press releases are tremendous tools for getting your company’s name out to the public. In order to get powerful results you must know all the ways to get your press releases in front of your target audience. To do this you must first understand the ways that search engines and other internet features operate so that you can make them work for your company.

Lots of people use press releases to gather new business for their companies. With all of these press releases competing for attention getting people to read yours can seem like an uphill battle. If you have an action plan and know who your target audience is you can easily put yourself ahead of your competitors.

Be spotted by Google and other search engines
The first step is to establish a presence in Google News and make sure that your press release gets a top spot on Google and other search engines. Most people locate news items on the internet by typing keywords into their search engines. By anticipating what keywords or phrases your target audience will use ahead of time and using them in key places in the text you will drive more people to your press release. To get the best use of your keywords you want them to appear in the title, the summary and the first paragraph of your release. You also want to use the keywords once or twice in the body of the release and in the captions of any images that are included in the release.

Use Anchor text and backlinks to your website
The second way to draw attention to your press release is through the use of anchor text and backlinks to your website. What this means in simple terms is that you want to create links on other reputable sites that lead to your site. Search engines use a number of factors to determine what order press releases will appear on their sites. The more links that you are able to create from quality sites to your own, the higher your ranking will be because it helps to establish your sites relevance. Anchor text links are preferable to standard URL links because imbedding the link in a keyword gives the search engine a better idea of what you are linking to. For example is not as descriptive to a search engine as Social Media Marketing.

Put yourself on your audience’s radar
Next you want to utilize Google Alerts or similar media monitoring services to put yourself on your target audience’s radar. With proper planning you can actually have your press releases delivered to the mailboxes of individuals or companies that you are targeting. Companies and individuals will typically set up Google Alerts, or the like, with their names, the names of their competitors, and/or certain key words that apply to their business. By knowing who you are targeting and including these names and keywords in your press release a link to your release will be emailed to these people automatically, providing that they are using Google Alert.

Make a good impression online
Another critical factor for driving your press releases is to make sure that you have a positive internet presence. Once you have got the attention you desire, you want to make sure to give off a good impression to potential customers who are researching your company. You do this by generating press releases that include your company’s name and informs the public of exciting developments within your company. You can also use your company’s name in blogs, YouTube clips and other forms of media such as Facebook and Twitter, all of which will show that your company is well established.

Create effective Call-To-Action
Finally, make sure that you include a call to action in your press release. It can be tempting to immediately ask them to buy what you are selling, but that isn’t necessarily the best course to take. People generally need a while to warm up to an idea. Instead, try to build a relationship with your audience. Ask them to download a free e-book or watch a video of your business. Invite them to peruse your website, like you on Facebook, or follow you on Twitter. Make sure that whatever action you are asking for from your audience is easy to accomplish through the proper links.


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