The Importance of Pictures for Your Google Places Page

Interesting Image

Adding pictures or videos to your Google Places is a very important step to creating a complete  business listing and is the first visual look potential customers will have at your business. surveyed 1,250 consumers and asked questions relating to their use of online search engines. The survey specifically focused on their use of Google & Google Places.

Below are the key findings of a survey:

  • 60% of consumers give more consideration to local results that have images
  • 23% of consumers are much more likely to contact a local business that has an image attached to its listing

What picture to place as a leading image of my Place page? 

Since people react strongly to pictures, it is recommended that you choose an image that shows what you’re business has to offer to potential clients. Instead of simply putting your company logo, upload nice photos of your business establishment, your products and yourself/your team. This helps you become more real to people who would look at your Google page.

For example:

  • Restaurants can show pictures of their menu, store front, dining area
  • Veterinarians can the display pictures of vets or their staff in their work suits; a close up of the vet treating a patient
  • Florist can show an image of themselves holding flowers; the interior of the shop, or a stunning bouquet of flowers

Interesting Image