How to calculate the best way to increase your income

Have you ever felt that you are hemorrhaging time and money. Do you ever feel like you are not getting your important tasks accomplished – the tasks that will and are making you the most profit. Maybe it is time to consider outsourcing your low level tasks, so that you are free to focus on money making pursuits.

Why not use our “TOI Blueprint”. Using the Blueprint, you enter in the hours you are spending on your daily tasks and the income that you want to be making. The Blueprint will show you how much your time is worth and what can be easily outsourced. For example, your goal maybe to increase your income by $50,000 this year. However, you know you will need to free up a minimum of 10 hours per week. You actually have gone as far as making a list of the tasks that you will need to do to accomplish this goal. For example:

1. Send out weekly email to clients and prospects

2. Send out a monthly postcard with offers to a list of prospects to build your database

3. Create a series of one page websites with data capture that are optimized for search engines

4. Create and maintain Social Media channels to communicate to clients and prospects.

5. Attend 2 Networking meetings a month to look for affiliates who can refer business

So how will you accomplish this? The best way is to hire a virtual assistant (VA) for 20 – 40 hours per month. You can assign these and more remedial tasks so you will have the time to plan and delegate.

If you would like a copy of our Blueprint, feel free to email and we will send you this spreadsheet so you can do the calculations.

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